Monday, June 26, 2006

6-26-06 Power Hour

Tonight's Power Hour got off to a rocky start. My apologies for the beginning, but my first guest was nowhere to be found come show time. However, we did have a great show with three great interviews from wide receiver Junior Hemingway, and offensive linemen Andrew Nuss and Emeka Nwankwo. Enjoy!

Power Hour


Blogger onwardtovictory said...

I agree with Sean, James Brown was one of the best things you have played lately. Another great show even though it didn't jump off to a great start.

5:39 AM  
Blogger LJTexas said...

Good show.
For Wednesday's show, I'll be unable to call in, but I have two questions I'd like you to field (if you have time between songs):
1. Comment on the Wolke transfer? And on Weis' reported request that he become a backup tailback.
2. Brady Quinn surprised me several weeks ago when in his "Meet Brady" media meeting he mentioned something about finding an agent. Now is reporting that some think that Charlie Weis' instruction to Quinn and others that they interview/? agents before the season may render them ineligible. Reassure me that ND was smart enough to instruct the players not to sign or even promise to sign with a particular agent while they still have eligibility! What do you know of this?

5:16 PM  

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