Monday, September 17, 2007

9-17-07 Power Hour

Another great show. Irish great Ara Parseghian joined the show, as well as former Irish O-lineman Sean Milligan. Plus, the debut of the Bemenderfer song.

Power Hour


Blogger pallone said...

Weis is worse than Faust. At least, Faust's teams had heart. This team is poorly coached. There is dissension on this team because the players lost respect for the coach when He went to the W VA coach and tried to use the same game plan utilizing Demetrious Jones. Everyone said all along Sharpley played best leading up to the opener. Weis should have developed a game plan of his own with Sharpley and not used another coach's game plan. He's a loser. When ND was driving against M in the closing 45 seconds, he through in the towel and let the clock run out. He should have thrown the long ball or tried everything he could muster to score and hope itt would boost morale and be a catalyst into the next game. In stead, he let time expire. A loser.

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