Tuesday, November 27, 2007

11-27-07 Power Hour

We just had a great discussion with coach D. breaking down the season.

Power Hour


Blogger Mike said...

Dear Mike,

I enjoy your show, especially when traveling, but am starting to wonder about the high proportion of discussion devoted to ND recruiting. Your show glamorizes commits and potential commits, seemingly at the expense of the activity that is going on with the program at the present.

Brian Hamilton's sober review of the Irish captures it correctly. Good recruiting classes don't always equate to good football teams. Four of our four-star recruits (Jones, Reuland, Frazier, Carufel) have left the program and another three have made very little contributions (McNeil, Jackson, Stewart). The the six regular starters from the 06 are not looking as good as advertised/glamorized when we brought them in as a top-ranked class (Aldridge, Young, Walls, Olsen, Yeatman).

At what point do you say, on behalf of your show, perhaps the overwhelming focus on this highly unpredictable business of reruiting should give way to discussion of the problems of the current program and the inability of the coaches to bring this program to the heights it deserves (at least for us selfish alums).

Go Irish!

p.s. Please email a response, as I may not be able to listen each week.

9:25 AM  
Blogger Reuel said...


This was a great show. Coach D's comments are thoughtful and insightful on many aspects of the program. He had solid ideas for crucial improvements. Coach Weis should hire Coach D as a consultant. I hope Coach Weis listens to Power Hour, at least!

Mike (Chicago): you make good points about recruiting and you cite good evidence in support. But the show does not seem overly focused on recruiting, to me. The evidence seems to support the need for more talent and top talent is typically recruited, not 'grown'.

Loved the closing music! Who was it?

Dave ('78)

6:35 PM  

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