Tuesday, April 29, 2008

4-29-08 Power Hour

Tonight's show featured an interview with Tom Beaver from the Michigan site and Garry Paskiewitz from the USC site talking about their respective team's spring practice.

Power Hour


Blogger James Doig said...

I am sure your guest from Michigan is a great human being, but he is very wrong about the ex-Michigan QB, for he is slow and will get eaten alive by any opponent he plays. . . . and he doesn't even have the best arm in his state of play much less in his conference - much less the country. The great guest from Michigan ought to be glad they got rid of the slow slug with an above average arm. It is laughable (I'm still laughing) he will be an NFL QB. Come on - just because he played for Michigan doesn't mean he is a bad-ass. He will find he is average - if he hasn't already - and will adjust. I wish him well. I wish him NFL glory, but it is so very doubtful.
Come on get real!!!!!

12:57 AM  

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