Monday, November 23, 2009

Notre Dame Power Hour 11-23-09

Notre Dame Power Hour is your weekly fix for Notre Dame football and Notre Dame recruiting talk.

Tonight's show featured a lot of talk about the Notre Dame football coaching situation.

Power Hour


Blogger Joshua said...

After listing to your 11/23 show and a few points I liked. Winning starts in the trenches. ND is in a sad state. One thing that seems to be bothering me in the weis era is no half time adjustments, lack of heart. I can remember the days of Burris, Stonebreaker, Zorich, those guys wanted to win. Please give me a coach that will bring back the fire in ND football. Another thing reguarding recruiting in I wish people would drop the star rankings. I live in iowa and how many five and four stars are on therir roster? Not many it comes down to coaching and fire, heart.

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